First Home Buyers Shellharbour

first home buyers shellharbour

Buying a home is a big step and one that will tie you down to a place for the foreseeable future so you should want to know everything that goes into purchasing a home.

First time home buyers can be naive, and since they may not know very much about the housing market and which loan will fit them, they can be easily taken advantage of by shady realtors and big corporate banks.

Therefore Be There Finance has created a kind of road map to help first time home buyers avoid traps we have seen all too much.


Finding the right home

A home is a place you relax in, start a family in and a place for you to feel safe in, so you need to find the right house that fits you and your lifestyle which means.


Don't be misguided

There are a lot of techniques that realters us to get people to buy or put a deposit down, and these include saying another person or family is interested or only pointing out the positives and never mentioning the negatives of a house. However, there is one trick that is the most dangerous and that is reciprocity.

By saying they can drop the price below the asking price it's like they're doing you a favour and you may be compelled to buy a house that you and your family don't even want. It's a dirty and powerful trick so never be swayed by the lowering of the price.


How you get your loan

The big banks will convince you that going to them for your house loan is the best choice for first home buyers but how much can you trust what they tell you?

Most first home buyers don't know that going to a mortgage broker can save you a lot of money and time because they can go through all the loan options in your area and find you the one that best matches your financial situation.


Choosing local

More often than not first time home buyers will go outside their community to find both mortgage brokers and loans but, using local people is usually a better idea because they have a better sense of community and will help you more than someone outside your area.

In the Shellharbour area Be There Finance are the leading mortgage brokers and are heavily involved in the community, so we're loyal to our customers, and will do our very best to get you the best possible loan for your first home.

We know how scary it can be choosing the right home loan so let us do the hard work and relax in the thought that we're here for you.